Caregivers.. the unspoken heroes

November is National Caregivers month and I don't think I could ever say THANK YOU enough to the people who have supported me along this crazy journey post heart attack! Hero's come in many shapes and sizes..  from the cardiac rehab nurses who gave me the confidence to push my heart on the treadmill post stent to the overwhelming hugs, smiles and hand holding from my family members and friends.

It's funny, how one moment you're going to bed and just a few short hours later your husband unknowingly steps into the role of primary caregiver the moment he dials 911. He was not only there to help me but he had to get the kids ready for school, help with homework, take them to their medical appointments and  continue going to work. The hardest thing to convey to our caregivers is how much we appreciate all they do for us. How do you ever express your gratitude to someone who steps up and unconditionally says its gonna be ok, don't worry we got this?

Joe, my husband was not only there for me physically to help with daily activities but also emotionally. I don't know how many times I cried on his shoulder and told him I was scared about my mortality. We had to have discussions that I never imagined at the age of 40 we would be talking about. The "what ifs" never seemed to stop circulating in my head.

People stepped up to help in so many different ways from my mother-n-law walking with me around the block to make sure I was ok.. to friends and family calling to talk and ask what they could help with. Care giving doesn't have just a physical aspect but also an emotional component. I remember laughing on the phone with my sister while sitting on the couch and ordering groceries.   I remember saying this is actually saving me money because I'm not throwing things in my cart that I don't need. My sister has no idea how just a silly phone call about groceries was such a blessing during a time where I needed to laugh.


When I really look back at all the people who have helped me over these last 8 months there are no words that could express my gratitude.
The quote above says " caring is doing what has to be done
and not expecting anything in return." Caregivers never ask for anything in return and are always there in your darkest time. You find out in times of difficulty how wonderful and caring your friends and family are.

In the end, the best way to thank your caregivers is to lead by their example and  to step up and be a caregiver when they need your help!